Monday, 4 May 2009

The Mix Up

Time for a quick update on what's been on my iPod for the last couple of months. It's a mixed bag covering a whole range of sounds that i'm enjoying at the moment- have a listen and see what you think.

Mobilee Podcast 004: Anja Schneider
The fourth installment of the Mobilee Podcast is a nice set by label head Anja Schneider that includes a few of my favourite tracks of the moment, particularly Lee Van Dowski's excellent 'The Variable Man'.

Headhunter Mix for Clash
For me, this set by Bristol's Headhunter is a good example of the dubstep/techno crossover sound coming out of the city, led by producers like Pinch, Headhunter and Appleblim. Alongside producers like Scuba, Shackleton and Martyn, this sound has really exciting crossover potential, as demonstrated by Berghain's recent forrays into dubstep.

Mark Henning Easter Mix
Beatportal celebrated easter with this mix from Mark Henning of some of his latest tracks and remixes. Dark house music is the name of the game:

1. Mark-Henning - It's a Harsh Life (Soma)
2. Matt Star - Keep On Groovin (Mark-Henning Remix) (Hypercolour)
3. Mark-Henning - I Lost My Brain at Wrinchout (Soma)
4. Mark-Henning - Moody Bastard (Soma)
5. Chris Fortier - Quote Unquote (Mark-Henning Remix) (EQ Grey)
6. Mark-Henning - Sick Note (Cynosure)
7. Mark-Henning - Where Are You Going? (Tic Tac Toe)
8. Mark-Henning - Fabrique Belgique (Soma)
9. Mark-Henning - Chav Land (Soma)
10. Mark-Henning - Biggity Giggity (Frankie)
11. Mr G - What Kinda (Mark-Henning Remix) (Luxaflex)
12. Shu Okuyama - Punkt (Mark-Henning Remix) (Minimood)
13. Mark-Henning - Freaky Deaky (Soma)

Sandwell District at Planet Rose: Part 1 / Part 2
Proper techno (as it used to be?) courtesy of Regis and Function. Thanks to mnml ssgs for posting this one, i'm sure most people will have already heard it. However, its so good I couldn't not include it on the list, it's been on heavy rotation on the old iPod recently. I'd also recommend the latest O/V/R release for anyone who likes this.

SMA Process 132
Finally, I really like SMA's addition to Modyfier's Process series. SMA describes his mix as "slow music", saying "Slow, to me, is something that does not come from the speed of a record or track only; in addition to that, it's got to do with the whole atmosphere it breathes." The mix includes a whole range of stuff, from pitched down dubstep to STL to Rhythm & Sound. This is only one of a long running series of great mixes on Modyfier, that are all well worth a listen.


  1. that sandwell mix is seriously deadly. some really brain-melting moments... thanks, dont have a few of these mixes. looking forward to checking.

  2. I agree on that sandwell mix- their roll of good releases seems to be continuing too, with the new Variance edits. I'm tenped to but the vinyl of those, but i know as soon as i do they'll be released as mp3's....

  3. The old DJ's question... anyone seen a tracklist for the sandwell mix?