Saturday, 14 March 2009

Vinyl only #1

There had been much debate about the future of vinyl following the proliferation of both legal and illegal mp3's. RA ran a feature written by Ronan Fitzgerald on the subject
here, for example, just one of many such articles on the web. While most 12"'s are now available digitally, there are some that choose to eschew that trend and remain vinyl only releases- immediate labels that spring to mind include the excellent Perlon, Ar:pi:ar, and some Hardwax distributed labels. For this series I intend to post some of my favourite vinyl only releases as soundclips, mostly to make my fellow Oblique writer Thomas W, a digital only DJ, jealous of some excellent tracks available only on the black stuff.

The first release is a hand stamped white label on the new 'Do Not Resist The Beat" imprint. Three tracks of dark, slow hypnotic techno, perfectly suited to the early hours. Enjoy!

Vinyl only #1

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