Saturday, 8 August 2009

Marcel Knopf, dusty dance

It's rare, that rush of blood to the follicles, making the hairs on your arm stand up. Moments that resonate with something inside create this. And sometimes, you come across an unexpected piece of music that forces this neuro/physical response. Listening, albeit in low-quality pre-release preview audio, to the final track, Leave it alone, on Marcel Knopf's superb new album, dusty dance, induces this effect. A haunting, mid-tempo, deep-dub reverb heavy beat structures a bleak, spoken vocal from Padberg of Thomas de Quincy - 'for solitude is essential to man. all men come into this world alone. and leave it, alone.'

Punctuated only by synth-stabs, the spiraling atmospherics underneath create a track that is more space that substance. It's airy, gaseous, ethereal. It leaves room to contemplate the vocals, understand the content and get lost in a piece of timeless electronic music.

Solitude is essential.

Keep a watch out for this album.
Out on Mo’s Ferry Prod. (Distributed by Word & Sound, DE.), Mid October 09.
Full review closer to the release date.

From the press-release:

Thanks to [Marcel Knopf's] interest in diverse electronic sounds, this work presents a perfect production design as well as unexpected caprices and obtains a genre-overlapping consciousness, that definitely stands for the self-confident idiosyncratic statement: "You can't quarrel about musical taste - you just have it or not!" Except track 1 and 10, this album unfits ruminant activities and is quite the opposite of bone sedation. Strobe instead of candlelight, but at the same time suitable for finding a like-minded person for the rest of the night.

01 Intro
02 That Shit
03 All Right
04 Crazy About feat. Camara
05 Holpergeist
06 Dusty Dance
07 Skinny Bitches
08 Rec-Chord
09 Take A No
10 Leave It Alone feat. Padberg

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