Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Thurday Set Up

A quick update on a few sets I've been listening to lately- we've been busy organising a few events and writing a full review of Freerotation that we hope to post soon. For now this will have to do- a selection of summer themed mixes I've had on repeat- enjoy!

Goldwill HIAF mix
Great mix, the best from Ronan's HIAF since Chaton's mix last May. The first 20 mins and last 30 mins standout, but its a really nice flowing mix with a great track selection.

Chaton Roof FM podcast
While not quite of the same level as the HIAF mix he did, Chaton's Roof FM podcast has a good groove and some nice tracks, particularly the sublime deepness of Silent State by STL. The Daschund mix of Chaton's +91 Session is worth looking out for too. Roof FM has had some really good quality mixes across the spectrum, definitely one to follow.

Tom Demac live @ Freerotation 2009
One of a cluster of top notch Welsh producers becoming increasingly popular across Europe- the live set is a taster of what Freerotation was all about for those who missed it.

Hector podcast
Hector is defiantly one for the summer (he says while watching the rain pitter patter on the rooflight....) Both this and his Mobilee Podcast are really nice, deep and groovy house numbers worthy of a listen. I can't tell you much more about this mix as my Polish isn't all that good!

Orde Meikle Monopod One
This is the first of Slam's monopod podcasts, and it's fantastic- starting with deep dub, moving to slow house, before building towards some chunky techy numbers, this is a perfect warm up mix. It includes some really good tracks from the likes of Agnes, Fritz Zander and Mountain People- Agnes' Que Pena is one of my tracks of the summer so far.

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