Monday, 23 November 2009

Lerosa on Hybridise

I've downloaded a few tracks from Dublin's Lerosa recently that I've really enjoyed- his 'Plesso' for Ostgut is great, and his Donato Dozzy collab 'Snakes at Number 2' Ep is superb, really deep, slow techno- Acid Snake clocks in at 100bpm... that's positively lazy! Check out the RA review of that here.

Anyway, trawling the web I came across Franco Cangelli's Hybridise blog, which is a new one to me but well worth a look. I don't know much about Franco and the blog doesn't give much away. I only know him from his charts on Juno, which are always full of good stuff, and his release on Mawar earlier this year. Alongside some interesting looking mixes from Franco, Hybridise are currently hosting a Lerosa mixes Lerosa mix , a set of his own releases and remixes that is a great introduction to his sound and well worth a listen. Check the tracklist below:

Russell – Real Soon
Franco Cangelli – Innocence In A Jar (Lerosa Remix) – Mowar
Regret – D1
Clique – Real Soon
Seeker – Enclave
Circadia – Millions of Moments
Lovers bleed – Millions of Moments
Dark Knight – A Touch of Class
One Year Friends – Enclave
Much Later – Uzuri
Triage – Quintessentials
Abby – Uzuri
Buddy system – Quintessentials
Andy Vaz – Hurry, Hurry Remix (Lerosa Mix) – Yore
Pussy – Enclave

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