Wednesday, 4 November 2009

“Ouch! Passion must prevail!”

I've come across an interesting article about new Cardiff venue The Cardiff Arts Institute. The commentary voices feelings I share about the scene in the city- Cardiff has been going through somewhat bleak period of late. It has seen some much loved venues closing due largely due to political reasons, and reports from several of big name promoters are that the city isn't what it was before longer licensing hours for bars and pubs. For smaller promoters like ourselves, there's few decent venues about, and even fewer that offer a good sound system and staff. The city is begging for decent places to dance, so much so that promoters have started thinking "outside the box" as they say in management speak; Perhaps the best example is Backroom eschewing clubs altogether and using disused bank vaults to throw parties. As Kai puts it in the review, "Sometimes you’re faced with the grim reality that what Cardiff needs, Cardiff never gets." Having lived here for nearly ten years, that ain't far from the truth.

The CAI might be about to change all that. Set up by 580 ltd (also responsible for Field Day, the Lock Tavern, the Start the Bus and the Adventures in the Beetroot Field club nights and apparently run by Jon Carter), the venue has the potential to freshen up the Cardiff scene, offering something different to the standard bar setup, and boasting a Funktion 1 sound system to boot. Here's what they say they plan to do:

CAI Manifesto:

We aim to:

  1. Offer a platform to encourage collaboration, participation and activity.
  2. Stimulate and innovate in our city.
  3. Forever evolve.
  4. Help make it happen.
  5. Discover new ways of thinking through interaction, communication and union.
  6. Nurture and celebrate new talent.
  7. Use no artificial colours or preservatives.
  8. Stay up late and break the rules.
  9. Listen to you:
Well, it'll be interesting to see if they can do all or any of that, or indeed what impact the arrival of CAI will have on the city. The first month's line up looks promising, including local bands and DJ's and respected performers such as The Apples and Jon Carter. At the moment it feels like this will be something new- let's wait and see what develops- until then, I look forward to checking it out!

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