Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2009 : Five EP's & LP's

We've been a bit slow to compile our best of 09 lists, but better late than never... to kick off, MJ rounds up his best of 09 extended and long players:

Redshape - The Dance Paradox LP
Redshape has peeked out from behind his iconic red mask to release what could well be the album of the year in the shape of The Dance Paradox. Slower house and techno rhythms combine with classic detroit sounds in an album that looks to the future of techno while leaning heavily on its past.

Shackleton - 3 EP's
Again this year Shackleton has been at the cutting edge of the dubstep/techno crossover- his excellent 3 EP's on the mighty Perlon combined his experimental dubstep sensibilities with Berlin house and techno. A great release from a unique artist.

Ben Klock - One
Ben Klock's One is the first album from and of the the Berghain residents, and as you'd expect it's a techno album through and through. Any of these tracks could fit the Berghain floor, from ambient early evening experiments through flirtations with dubstepping rhythms to peak time action. Both the album itself, the precursor EP 'Before One' and the remix releases are well worth a listen.

2562 - Unbalance
Dave Huismans continued to explore the boundaries of house, techno, dubstep and garage this year, with great releases from his 2562 and A Made Up Sound aliasses. While AMUS explores the fusion of house and techno, 2562 produces more of a straight up dubstep sound- Unbalance, his second album, is perhaps lighter sounding than last year's Aerial and showcases a unique sound that combines layers of warm bass with gleaming synths and bursts of colour.

Moritz von Oswald Trio: Vertical Ascent
MvO Trio are Moritz Von Oswald, Vladislav Delay and Max Loderbauer who have performed together on numerous occasions as a live act. This EP is a showcase of the best of these live performances; each Pattern of between seven and fourteen minutes is an organic exploration of african rhythms, unruly synths and heaving percussion. There's so much depth in each track that this gives something new on each listen and as with most Moritz keeps you coming back for more.

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