Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wednesday Mix Up

A selection of mixes that have been tantalising my ear'oles this month, there's some good stuff out there right now. As usual, a while range of mixes from the deep to the pounding:

Perc October Promo
I've been listening to this for a while now, and its another great techno mix from Perc that has a few dubsteppers thrown in for a good measure. Great tracks from Xhin, Denhert, Ruskin, Scuba, Dettmann and so on. Also worth checking is Perc's podcast for Clubbed Up, available through I Tunes.

Emptyset, who recently released a new album through Caravan Recordings, have had a superb mix hosted on Sonic Router and an in depth interview with the guys. Growing from the ambient Fennesz, through Mortiz and Villalobos into broken techno and gritty dubstep, This mix is one of my favourite mixes I've heard this year, really inspirational stuff. Contacting Emptyset after hearing it, they pointed us in the direction of a more recent DJ mix they've put together, which has a similar feel and equally wide range- AFX, Substance, Shed, Mills, A Made Up Sound, Seldom Felt, Radioslave..... the list goes on. Highly recommended.

SMA is another artist who has been a revelation this year. His Modyfier and Mars Rising mixes were expertly pitched mixes of slow house and techno. His latest is a deep house that includes John Daly's awesome Birds (anyone know where I can get this?), Delano Smith, Steffi, Soulphiction, Motor City Drum Ensemble and Baaz. Perfect for the walk to work I reckon.

As usual the Soma Podcast broadcasts warm up sets form the Sub Club, this time Slam's warm up for Anja Schneider in October. A nice, deep and dubby mix, mmmm yeah.... includes Jim Rivers remixed by Cardiff based DJ/producer Paul Lorraine.

Finally, for anyone who's missed these, Bodytonic has had some fantastic mixes of late. Samuel L Sessions delivers number 58 in the series- I was a ling time fan of SLS about 6 years ago, I think I've got a stash of his loopy funky techno records somewhere. Here he crafts a mix that moves at a fair pace from deep techno through to harder gear from the Berghain crew, great stuff and great mixing.

Also worth checking are Elemental's live set (a slightly hapier version of Shackleton?), Van Rivers techno workout (XDB, Dettmann, Gorman, Stott, Ruskin) and finally Carl Craig's Detroit inspiration mix.

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