Sunday, 19 July 2009

Charting July

A few records I've been listening to / bought lately:

Forward Strategy Group: Applied Generics
I missed the first release on this label, but this second release fits nicely into the Sandwell/Kempii techno sound. Track 2 is the dance floor standout here- a punishing beat, hisses, clanks and a modulating acid sounding hook line smouldering in the background.

Ahmet Sisman: Esraj EP
Sounding like a pumped up version of Onur Ozur, the new Ahmet Sisman EP is an ethnic tinged summer anthem in Sisman's trademark style. For me the best track is the A side 'Esraj,' a dense atmospheric track, building through looped live instruments before breaking down into a vocal chant.

Do not resist the beat: 03
Perhaps the most evil release on DJ Zeal and Milton Bradley's Do Not Resist The Beat label to date, DNRTB 03 continues the trend set in 01 and 02 for combining unique, haunting layers and textures with sparse skittering percussion. I'm told that these tracks sound like the approach to the Berghain dancefloor- stripped back rumblings and clankings in the distance, muffled rumblings of bass...

Edit Select: Stay Below EP
I've been after this for a while after hearing it on a few mixes recently. I found Edit Select's recent release on Ostgut worked best as a tool, but these two tracks have much more dance floor direction. Both sides have booming basslines and trance-esque Dozzy synths, and while I prefer the more peak time A side 'Aurian', both sides fit nicely with the Italian techno sound.

Moderat: Moderat 1 unofficial mixes
I haven't listened much to the recent Moderat album, but these remixes by Shackleton, T++ and Headhunter are essential. Shackleton's mix of rusty nails is among his best work, subtly using the original's vocals and twisting the original into a narrative journey of a track, eclipsing what are strong mixes from T++ and Headhunter on the B side.

And a few close contenders:
Frozen Border- Frozen Border 03
Rosella- 28
Fernandez Manetta- Ape EP
Alessandro Izzo- Restyle (Gary Beck remix)
Max Cooper- The End of Reason (Perc's End of Season mix)

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