Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Slow jams

Slow jams anyone?

No, fear not, i've not changed my allegiance to the world of RnB... I'm talking slow techno jams. The prospect of listening to really slowed down Dettmann or Scuba may not fill everyone with joy. But there's a bit of it around at the moment- have a listen to B1 on Workshop's new release from Kassem Mosse. If I had it on vinyl, I'd wonder if it was at the wrong speed- 33 or 45, who knows? Is it lethargic, arthritic techno, sloping along at its own pace minding its own business at 33, or a peak time dance floor destroyer at 45? i suspect only Kassem knows.

Workshop isn't the only one playing this game. SMA's mixes morph recognisable techno tracks into something else altogether. I've posted his modyfier mix before, but he has a new mix for download called Mars Rising 179 that i came across courtesy of Teleost. Pitching down techno tracks in this way seems to give the compositions and individual sounds room to breathe. It's a really good selection of tracks too- the new Scuba, some Dettmann, Dozzy and Hoesen- it grows into a deep and dark atmosphere and by the end I was bowled over by the quality of this mix and the unique attitude SMA has. I really regret not going to see him at Colony, judging by this that would have been a fun night out. I'd be interested to know what others think about this mix or the idea of slow techno, or if anyone's seen the man in action.
Check out the tracklist below:

01 Plastikman, Cor Ten (m_nus)
02 Studio 1, Green (Studio 1)
03 Milton Bradley, Derealization (Do Not Resist The Beat!)
04 Scuba, Volt (Abucs)
05 STL, October Sunrise (Something)
06 Frozen Border, 2.2 (Frozen Border)
07 Actress, Ghosts Have A Heaven (Prime Numbers)
08 Loco Dice, Tight Laces (Marcel Dettmann Response 1) (Desolat)
09 Donato Dozzy & Nuel, Untitled (Aquaplano)
10 Kevin Gorman, Cyclic (The Beats) (Mikrowave)
11 Markus Enochson & The Subliminal Kid, 6 12am 6 24am (Ann Aimee)
12 Redshape, Nightshade (Ruin)
13 Peter van Hoesen, , Strikethrough (Time 2 Express)
14 Kenny Larkin, Butterflies (Art of Dance)


  1. on a similar tip, i'd strongly recommend the mix from donato dozzy on bleep43.

  2. thanks for the kind words, mj. i'm happy to hear that there's a couple of people out there enjoying this kind of music. the original speed of the (amazing) kassem mosse track is 33, by the way. ;-)

  3. @chris- the bleep43 Dozzy mix is a good recommendation. I've listened to it before and not paid it much attention, but on a second listen this morning it has a really nice vibe, perfect for the morning. A couple of aguaplano tracks on there too, nice...

  4. Sebastian's set for us was ace, and fairly uptempo by his standards (I guess because time was at a premium). I reckon he could do some pretty serious damage over 3-4 hours...